Our services at Sagitaur Ventures provide significant scope for maximizing benefits through effective cost management, operational efficiency, adherence to quality standard, innovation and excellence.

  • StartupXseed

    Incubation & Investment Support for New Business Ideas & Participate in execution to promote them and help them grow.

  • Business Development

    Its vast network of professionals and the domain experts participate in large IT/Telecom Services opportunities.

  • Strategic Advisory

    Its pool of experienced professionals undertakes Strategic advisory service at the international levels.

  • Sagitaur Solar Park

    Sagitaur Karnataka Solar Park brings you the most effective and efficient Solar Park EI Technologies.


Our Project

  • Our Engagement Model
    These models are designed to address diverse requirements and build close relationships with clients.

  • Our Team Approach
    We brings over 30+ years of experience in software, animation & visual effects, and engineering services industry.

  • Our Methodology
    Our methodology ensures thorough knowledge transfer, process replication & transition leading to seamless.

  • Sagitaur Offers
    Land in developed Solar Park with all infrastructural facilities & approvals. Operation & Maintenance of Solar Park.

  • Infrastructure Facilities
    Fencing/Compound wall around the boundary of the Solar Park.Internal roads and drains within the Solar Park.

  • Mission & Vision
    We strongly believes in providing well planned jobs using local talent & gives the best quality services to customers.

Why Sagitaur

Our primary goal is to deliver exceptional business value to our customers and thus establish and maintain long-term relationships. Our holistic approach is to combine the right people, processes, and cutting edge technologies to reduce costs and achieve competitive advantage through our innovative enagagement models and make it easy for customers to achieve their objectives. More...