About us

Sagitaur Group has spread its wings in highly competitive sectors like Telecom, Information Technology, E-Gov and Green Energy with an understanding of market and client’s needs. Pool of skilled professionals has helped us position in the market in short span of time. Our knowledge of industry verticals, international markets and Government agencies in India and abroad will continue to differentiate us and have earned us a reputed position in the market. These strengths are helping the growth and progress of our portfolio companies and Partner companies.

In order to strengthen our business strategy and to enter into highly competitive sectors, Sagitaur Group has formed the following subsidiaries to provide highest quality of service and also develop an in-depth knowledge in respective industry sectors. The key businesses / subsidiaries are...

Anthem India Infopoint Pvt. Ltd. provides the entire spectrum of e-governance services starting from basic data entry operations to high end software and e-governance applications. There is a strong rationale for Anthem India to be focused in the entire spectrum of the e-governance arena. The company’s domain expertise coupled with the vast potential in this segment, generating a need for solutions in this space has lead to this dedication.

GreenOLite India Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is established with an objective to work towards meeting nation's energy requirement & fight the Global Warming along with sustainable development by providing various products, solutions & services based on Solar Photovoltaic and allied Renewable energy technologies. GreenOLite is aiming to develop solid-state technology of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to provide lighting solutions, targeting opportunities to replace Sodium Vapour based Street Lights with LED Street Lights, exploring lighting fixtures in new constructions and retail avenues in LED retrofits.

Prabhas Consulting provides strategic and advisory services. Service philosophy of Prabhas is very simple: We listen. We study. We consult. We challenge. We think. We think harder. We create solutions. You get results. We explore your situation and desired objectives with a strategic business perspective that defines where you are and where you want to be.

InKnowTech Pvt. Ltd. is a global IT and network infrastructure and services provider with clientele across almost all major industries and geographies. InKnowTech focus on Business Consulting, IT Services Management, Remote IT Management and Tech Support. InKnowTech’s unique onsite / offshore global delivery model guided by dedication to client satisfaction provides a significant cost advantage and flexible service options, addresses our clients' need for security and sensitivity, and utilizes innovative development and support models with a commitment to Quality of Service.