Our Methodology

Sagitaur Ventures deploys a potent mix of best-of-breed experts, robust methodologies, process and domain-specific knowledge and technological expertise to execute the outsourced Business Processes to near-perfection. This is achieved by a constant focus on Client's business needs, our strong workflow orientation and prompt technology upgrades.

Our methodology ensures thorough knowledge transfer, process replication and transition leading to seamless and smooth execution that meets or exceeds SLAs, Cost Savings estimates and quality metrics.

The procedure for transitioning an outsourced process offshore is done through a tried and tested exhaustive methodology. The transitioned process is created in a pilot mode and ramped up until benchmark SLAs are achieved. Our methodology ensures that there are sufficient in-process checkpoints and tags to evaluate process efficiency and eliminate wasteful redundancies. A handpicked support team of qualified Quality Managers, Process Consultants and Project Managers who help our process improvement and optimization initiative constantly supports our Execution teams.

To leverage business process outsourcing services for ensuring maximum benefits to our clients, we adopt process excellence methodologies to offer best-in-breed IT applications and services. Our process framework adheres to best practices and principles, proven process methodologies and project management principles to enable optimized business processes.

Right from business conception to final product roll out, Sagitaur Ventures adopts Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven approach to offer end-to-end process outsourcing services to ensure reduced turn-around-time and desired business outcomes.

Sagitaur Ventures follows industry best practices tempered with its vast experience in this area. Our implementation methodology uses various flavors of the following broad categorization: