• StartupXseed

    Sagitaur Ventures extends the Incubation & Investment Support for New Business Ideas and participate in execution to promote them and help them grow. These investments are primarily focused in the IT/Telecom services, semiconductor, electronics product design and green energy sectors. Sagitaur Ventures encourages executive teams with entrepreneurship capabilities to build and grow these companies. Sagitaur Ventures support these companies through its Business Development Support Services to tap and realize business opportunities. Sagitaur Ventures also helps its portfolio companies to forge strategic relationships to increase the strategic value and be part of the company.

    Sagitaur Ventures with a team of industry resource professionals provides small business planning, business development consultation, and venture capital resource assistance. Our well developed relationships with Angel Investors, venture capital funding firms, hard money and private lenders, small business merger and acquisition professionals, incubators, service providers, CEO’s, and other intermediaries offering businesses and entrepreneurs unsurpassed consultation services for their business development and financing needs.

    We are active investors keen to ignite the next wave of big ideas with our financial resources and personal insights.Website

  • Business Development

    Sagitaur with its vast network of professionals and the domain experts participate in large IT/Telecom Services opportunities. Sagitaur Ventures is growing their business in specific geographical markets such as India and Sub-Saharan Africa. To undertake these activities Sagitaur Ventures also has established presence through a Joint Venture / Partnerships. Sagitaur Ventures capitalizes on its own domain strengths coupled with the execution strengths of Portfolio/partner companies to be competitive in the market space. Sagitaur Ventures acts as the perfect catalyst for the success of the client for timely implementation of the projects.

    Our IT and Telecom services portfolio includes:

    »   IT/Telecom Infrastructure Management Services including remote management.
    »   Data Centre, NOC, campus network implementation.
    »   Convergence Solutions.
    »   e-governance Project implementation.
    »   Security and surveillance networks.
    »   OSS/BSS Solutions.
    »   Intelligent Road Transport Solutions.
    »   Vehicle Tracking Solutions.
    »   Biometric Solutions.
    »   Security solutions for intelligence/law enforcement agencies.
    »   Strategic Modelling and proactive intelligence solutions.
    »   OSS/BSS solutions for communications sector.
    »   Revenue Maximization and Fraud Management solutions

  • Strategic Advisory

    Today, every business constantly faces new opportunities and challenges. Sagitaur Ventures with its pool of experienced professionals undertakes Strategic advisory services at the domestic and international levels. Our service can help organizations evolve with this changing environment at each step in the organizational journey; from concept validation to strategy implementation; from operationalisation to exit planning.
    At every stage in the business life cycle, there are potential opportunities for further success which are often disguised as challenges. At such junctures, having an expert group of advisers who work closely with the client to unlock these opportunities is often invaluable.
    The success of any business rests on the four pillars viz. strategy, processes, people, and technology. Our Strategic advisory services aims to provide clients with integrated solutions to enhance performance through positive interventions on two of these pillars - Strategy and People.
    Domestic Advisory Services offers:
    »   ‘Emerging India’ entry strategy
    »   India specific Product and service positioning
    »   Technology Advisory Services

    Internation Consultancy & Project Management offers:
    »   Consultancy to Government of developing countries and private sector on commercial and financial aspects of infrastructure creation, capacity building, e-governance and technology parks
    »   Assisting in international marketing of Technology/ Industrial park projects including conducting international road shows, venture funding, international collaboration, investments.
    »   Experience with the government on policy and regulatory aspects of Technology Parks/ 100% EoUs/ EPZs/ SEZs
    »   Promotion of bilateral trade and business tie-ups between India and African countries.

  • Sagitaur Solar Park

    M/s Sagitaur Ventures India Pvt. Ltd. is an entrepreneurial driven fast emerging group with interests in sectors like Green Energy, Telecom, Information Technology and E-Governance. Sagitaur provides significant scope for maximizing benefits through effective cost management, operational efficiency, adherence to quality standard, innovation and excellence. It is focused on promoting generation, adoption of Renewable Energy and efficient energy technologies across India with a commitment to source new, innovative, eco-friendly and environmentally safe renewable energy technologies.

    Sagitaur has taken initiative to harness Solar Energy on a large scale to meet the ever growing demand of the electricity. As part of its Green Energy initiative, Sagitaur proposes to build a Solar Park in Karnataka state to contribute to the demand of electricity in the state, while protecting the environment and minimizing the effects of Green House Gases.Website


Maximizing Benefits Through Effective Workforce Management and Cost Savings
Sagitaur Ventures believes any labour intensive work, no matter what complex it may be, can be successfully and seamlessly executed from our cost-efficient rural delivery centres.

Our portfolio companies provide significant scope for maximizing business value through cost management, operational efficiency and innovation. All of this is made possible through our rural service delivery model. This model leverages people, processes and technology to deliver global service standards across various verticals - Insurance, Financial Institutions, Market Research, Internet & Mobile, Retail, Telecom, and E-Governance

Sagitaur Ventures has a broad range of offerings from initial strategy to final execution to help the enterprise benefit from the convergence of technologies and business process. Building on our experience, we provide a range of services that manage the entire cycle of business consulting, strategic, advisory, and management services.